Maximize Your Study Abroad Experience: The Buddy System Advantage!

Going to a new country can be overwhelming, but with a buddy system in place, international students on mobility can have a smoother transition. Here are some advantages:

Cultural Exchange

International students can learn about the local culture and customs from their buddy, and in turn, share their own culture and experiences.

Language Practice

International students can practice their language skills with their buddy, which can help them improve their communication abilities and confidence.

Social Support

International students can feel less lonely and isolated with the help of their buddy, who can offer emotional support and help them make new friends.

Practical Assistance

Buddies can help international students navigate the new environment, such as finding housing, transportation, and healthcare services.

Safety and Security

Having a buddy can provide a sense of security for international students, especially when traveling or exploring new areas.

Long-Term Connections

Buddies can develop long-lasting friendships that can continue even after the international student returns home.

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